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Luc Rochon, CEO

Luc Rochon, CEO

Luc Rochon started his company in 2004 originally under the name Team Rochon Inc. but is now formally known as GTR Turf Inc. Luc has since then expanded and overseen the functions of both Canadian and US operations. He is a master in the art of turf installation due to his early exposure to turf at age 16.


Benoit Laverdure, Vice President US Operations

Ben Lavendure has over 15 years of sales, project management and business development experience gained in the U.S and Canada, Benoit joined GTR Turf in 2006 as a founding member of GTR Turf USA. He now oversees all the functionalities of US operations and projects.

Image by Jessica Lewis

Keiry Torres, US Operations Manager

Keiry Torres stepped in as the US Operations manager in 2017. She has had almost 10 years of experience managing and operating office functions. She has managed to keep all office endeavors functioning and intact for almost 3 years for the entire US operations division.

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